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Plating Services Expert are pleased to welcome all visitors to the website of the No. 1 providers of Plating services in the UK and we offer a wide range of services as detailed below.
Services for the general public:
For the general public services will include any of the following:
  • Supplying specific standard items plated in any of the rare metals listed below to order
  • Plating any item supplied by the customer with their chosen plate
  • Restoring any worn or misused item to its former glory
  • Re-plating worn jewellery with its original plate or with a different plate
  • Creating special gifts for special occasions to suit customers budgets
Serving local Businesses:
Due to the unique and appealing nature of most of the products we create we offer a trade service to a wide range of businesses and retailers that can include all of the above plus:
  • Plating specific products to be used by the business to enhance its own business which can be improving company image, promotional products, display products (for trade shows for example), sales incentives, retail products (which can be upgraded gold plated versions of products they already retail), 
  • Commercial plating services to small industry
  • Plating of non metal products such as products created with a 3D process
  • Supply of Gold plated bathroom fittings to local Bathroom Showrooms
  • Supply of gold plated badges to local New Car dealerships
  • Supply of re-plating services to local Jewellers
  • Supply of re-plating services to local Restorers and Antique Dealers
  • Supply of plating services to local Interior Designers
All of the above services can be provided with any of the following final plates:
White Gold
Rose Gold
Yellow Gold (9-24k options)
Below you will see just a few examples of what ‘normal’ everyday items look like when they are plated in Luxurious 24k Gold here and which poses the question:

Welcome the wonderful World of Plating Services Expert

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