Commercial Plating Services

There are many reasons why most companies large and small have a requirement to develop their business to maximise their revenue, and although gold plating is rarely one of them, Plating Services Expert would like the opportunity to explain why our commercial services should be used. 

One of the keys to achieving growth has always been innovation, and by using Plating Services Expert innovative techniques your company can utilise one of the many ways available to do that.

In fact there are so many examples of how this can be achieved, it is best summarised by studying the list below. For any company or business that can see how one or more of those detailed examples below can suit their company, all they have to do is contact us to find out how that specifically would benefit their business:

  • Corporate Image: For this it could be in having a gold plated feature in the reception area or boardroom that would produce the feeling of success and style – which all such areas are always designed to do anyway, but our commercial services just takes it one step further
  • Company retail products: By simply adding 24k gold plated ‘upgrades’ of any given product would almost certainly place that company in a unique position in both putting them ahead of competitors as well as the growing demand as we approach 2020 for products that are more likely to reflect the growing number of people who have reached a measure of affluence and wish to express it publicly
  • Sales Incentives: It is always a problem for many sales orientated companies to keep their sales teams motivated in new ways and offering, for example a gold plated golf club (normally a putter or depending on level of reward a set of irons) as the top award for targets set would generate a desire to own that even if they did not play golf. Another example is a gold plated mobile phone, coffee machine, ear buds, the list is endless
  • Client Rewards: The same service as described above will have a positive effect on your relationship with your clients and generate loyalty and appreciation from them
  • Staff Rewards and Awards: Celebrating members of staff’s own achievements is an important part of team building within a company so marking special occasions with a bespoke gift helps to build that team ethic. Retirement, Achievement, Leaving, Promotion, and Innovation are just a few of the ways that can be celebrated and marked showing that your company really cares about them as individuals, recently a company requested a gold plated trowel for one of their long-serving craftsmen who was retiring as a mark of respect
  • 3D printing projects: Do you have any interest in producing sample products and prototypes to send to prospective clients and want to make them stand out – then why not have them gold plated with our commercial services which will add a further dimension to what you are looking to achieve – as well as provide something that creates interest.
  • Exhibitions and Trade Shows: Everyone who uses these platforms for generating new business understands that the biggest single aim is to get people to pause long enough for the presenter to engage in conversation with prospective clients. If there is one thing that we know happens when we attend Trade Shows is that having 1 or more stand-out gold plated item on the stand has so much affect on the number of visitors we talk to is far greater than those stands by the side or in front of our stand ever receive. So much so in fact that when we book a stand we always receive a slightly larger area at no extra cost when we state that we are happy to have what is generally regarded as the worst spot in the hall – and by definition the hardest one to sell. This ‘poor’ position however is mitigated by the fact that 100% of all attendees of shows goes around the entire hall at least once – and they only ever stop at stands that attract their attention
  • Directors: Whilst there are many other reasons why this unique service enhances businesses chance of success, there is also the simple fact that most company directors also enjoy having things in their lives that reflect on their success, with the added bonus that anyone owning a unique bespoke plated ‘everyday’ item enjoys the feel good factor that everyone experiences even when they just see such an item

We challenge any business who doubts that any of these examples could possibly be of an advantage to their company to contact us and be amazed to find out how our commercial services can be once we know what they do.

Contact us today here and be amazed